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Robert Frank is a CERTIFIED FINANICIAL PLANNERTM Practitioner. Meeting your goals and needs in a way that makes sense for you is his goal.

Having been in the financial services business for 14 years, he has gained both knowledge and experienced based skills to help you. He is a practical, honest evaluator of what is going on in the world along with the markets. He has experience in investment management and retirement planning. Although not an expert, he has a working knowledge of estate issues, insurance planning and tax planning and is ready to point you in the right direction to have your questions and concerns answered.

It is a complete joy for him to work with his clients. Getting to know them and their families is the best part of his job. Helping them with their wealth needs is a pleasure. Although not always easy, Rob tries to guide his clients through the uncertainties of wealth building and sustaining. He takes a hands on approach to all the aspects that you want him to. He does not give boiler plate advice nor dismiss any concerns you will have. But will be thoughtful and thorough in understanding what you want and need.